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Best eyelash extensions

As most celebrities proudly wear eyelash extensions, many women want to have their own artificial lashes as well. And why not? They consequently make you look prettier, they are easy to apply and the best eyelash extensions are highly affordable as well. You should only however research well about artificial lashes, as there are many types of lash extensions and different types of materials that are applied. That is why you should inform yourself well, which lashes might be the best ones for you. Definitely, you will find artificial lashes that fit you optimally to give you a glamorous look as well!

Eyelash extensions definitely make your eyes look wider and more open to emphasize your femininity. Besides, lash extensions offer more variety of looks than you could achieve with regular makeup. Your eyes consequently will show up far better on photos than short eyelashes. Consequently, fake lashes might even help you to increase your self-esteem.

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Lashes by Jenna

Myths about eyelash extensions

It is fine to wear fake lashes every day if you wish. When you look after your own lashes well on a daily base, by applying a lash serum at night, you will not do any harm to your own lashes. You just have to be careful when you remove the eyelash extensions, as you don’t want to pull out your own lashes. Researching about eyelash extensions you will find people that believe that eyelash extension ruin your own natural lashes. That definitely is a myth. You only should handle your eyelash extensions with care.

They definitely are safe, if applied correctly and properly. In this case it is no problem at all to use artificial lashes on a daily base. You just have to follow the clear instructions in a disciplined way, and you can benefit from your lash extensions every day. And if you would lose one or two lashes of your own, they will simply grow back.

Artificial lashes do not hurt either. When you apply eyelash extensions, each individual lash is placed one at a time on top of your natural lashes. This operation itself is therefore flawless and without any pain. The removal of eyelashes does not have to be painful either. You only have to use the right materials. If you use the correct eyelash removal, removing your eyelash extensions is no more painful than going to the hairdresser.

Taking care of your eyelash extensions

When you take good care of your fake lashes, you could extend their life time dramatically. Brushing your synthetic lashes on a daily base will prevent your lash extensions from tangling. Like this you keep them straight and shiny at all times. It just demands 20 seconds of your time every day, but you will definitely notice the difference.

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Lashes by Jenna

After several weeks your eyelash extension might lose some lashes. This is normal, and after some weeks you might notice some gaps in your lash extensions. That is the right time to maintain your eyelash extensions by filling these gaps with new hairs. In this case you do not need to buy another set of lashes, but you can continue to wear the same set of lash extensions for another month. And that for a fraction of the initial investment. That helps you to reduce the costs of your eyelash extensions significantly.

Fake lashes and makeup

Wearing artificial lashes you could even use oil-free mascara and makeup. Using oil-based eyeliners might weaken the glue of the eyelash extension, so should better be avoided. Also when removing eyeliner for instance, you should clean this carefully to not affect the bonding of the lash extensions with your natural lashes. Washing your face with eyelash extensions is not a problem either. Eyelash extension are water-resistant and will not loosen up. Lashes only might feel a bit uncomfortable when these are wet. They feel heavy when wet and it takes a bit of time to dry them. Therefore apply water carefully and don’t rub the eyelash extensions to not ruin them.

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Lashes by Jenna

Various types of eyelash extensions

With the best fake lashes you could achieve dramatic, luscious lashes with a still natural look. High quality lash extensions typically last six to eight weeks. Therefore the best artificial lashes offer you good value for money. They vary in costs, depending on the type and the material used. Generally, lashes might cost between € 100 and € 200 per set, when it is applied at a salon by a professional. Monthly maintenance, as you might have to refill the fake lashes after some weeks, might cost around € 50 per session. You can do this at home safely for a fraction of the costs, but you will have to practice your precision and patience to do this yourself in a safe way.

So the question is, what kind of eyelash extensions should you chose? Basically, there are 4 kinds of fake lashes regarding material:

  • Synthetic eyelash extensions
  • Silk eyelash extensions
  • Mink eyelash extensions
  • Cashmere eyelash extensions

Besides, there are many types of fake lashes. Lashes are defined with a letter that indicates the lash shape. And lashes come in different thicknesses, lengths and volumes. So you can be sure that there are eyelash extensions that fit your style and desires. Therefore, inform yourself well by professionals.

Synthetic lashes

Synthetic lashes are commonly made of polished, acrylic material and are therefore very strong. Therefore they provide you with a dramatic look because of its density and glossier look. Synthetic lashes are for example especially suitable for young women that have healthy, dense lashes themselves.

Silk lashes

In general, silk lashes are far more flexible than for example synthetic lashes. Silk lash extensions are especially selected for glamorous occasions like a wedding. These kind of eyelash extensions consequently are long and full, and still look natural because of its semi-gloss finish. Especially when your own lashes are weak and thin, silk lashes might be the best option for you.

Mink lashes

Mink lashes generally have a more flexible curve, feel softer and feature a more fluffy, natural look. They are consequently the most popular type of eyelash extensions as they feel much lighter. Mink eyelash extension normally last longer because of their superior strength. They are most of the times thinner than silk lashes. Mink lashes therfore are especially suited for you when you have very light lashes and want to have a voluminous set of eyelashes.

Cashmere lashes

Ultimately, cashmere lashes are extremely light and soft at the same time. Besides, they will not lose their curl. Therefore cashmere lashes are especially for women with fine lashes themselves, and want a natural look with their cashmere lashes.